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Throughout my youth, my dad raised and trained working German Shepherds for protection and companionship. My brother and I would follow him to work dogs or to the whelping box to see the new pups that were born. These memories will forever be a part of me. My dad didn't just raise "dogs". He raised and trained exceptional dogs, and for 15 years I felt like I was a part of that. 

I had always had the desire burning in my gut to continue where he'd left off, and when I mentioned it to my dad back in 2015, he replied, "Have you ever thought about heelers?" I really hadn't thought about heelers. I knew of the breed. I considered myself a student of all things dog, but I'd never really considered the possibility of taking the breed on until then. I began to research the history, character, and attributes of the breed, devouring information and talking to breeders until they were exhausted of me. The more I researched, the more I fell in love with the breed.

One day, full of excitement, I went to pick up a pup, but ended up coming away without one, because it didn't meet the expectations of the standard that I had diligently researched. I found out very quickly that "heelers" are around every corner, but exceptional Australian Cattle Dogs are not as common. 

The journey to find what I was looking for led me out of state to Oklahoma, and it was there that I saw what a well bred Australian Cattle Dog looks like. 

In November of 2015 we came home to Arkansas with our foundation stud, Huck.

To us, he had it all, the pedigree, the looks, the build, the working dog instincts, the complete package. 

Since then, we've continued to select dogs for our program that have these qualities and are raising what we believe to be the "All-Around" cattle dog. 


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